We are currently accepting new volunteers!

You are not expected to come into the lab knowing much in particular. Volunteering in the lab begins with completing select tutorials relevant to your future lab work, making a commitment of a few hours a week. Then you may help others in the lab with routine research tasks, and generally hang out and get a feel for what goes on. Over time, if it seems like the lab is a good fit to your interests, and you make your commitment clear through your behaviour, you will be given more opportunities to work independently on tasks such as stimulus preparation, subject recruiting, data collection, and data analysis. This could easily lead to an independent research project or honours thesis. You will gain numerous skills in the lab, including proficiency with computers, interacting with research participants, neuroimaging data collection and analysis, and fundamental scientific (and life) skills such as staying organized, paying close attention to detail, and communicating information to others.

Please contact volunteer@ncilab.ca if you are interested in volunteering.