The NeuroCognitive Imaging lab is equipped with EEG/ERP equipment, high performance computer workstations for data processing, and a small video studio for recording experimental stimuli and for videotaping study participants. Two rooms are available for subject testing, one of which holds a sound-attenuating, RF-shielded booth. A large common room is equipped with computer workstations and a small kitchen complete with Keurig Brewer. As well, we have access to two MRI scanners in Halifax, a Varian 4T scanner at the Neuroimaging Research Laboratory (NRC-IBD Atlantic), located in the Halifax Infirmary, and a 1.5T GE scanner located at the IWK Hospital. Both of these MRI sites are within a 10 minute walk of the lab.

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ERP/EEG   MRI   Motion Capture   Video Studio