Brain Training for Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss is very common as we get older. Almost 10% of adults from ages 55-64 have hearing loss, increasing to 25% from age 65-74 and affecting half of people over age 75. Most hearing loss is treatable, with devices like hearing aids and cochlear implants. However, many people who receive these devices are disappointed with the results. Regular use and practice definitely help, but the effects of hearing loss aren’t just in the ear – some effects are in the brain. As we get older, our brains tend to “slow down” and process information differently. This might interfere with speech perception, even when the sounds coming in the ear are loud enough. Because of this, we think that improving certain cognitive abilities might help with speech perception.

In our current research, NCIL has partnered with San Francisco-based Lumos Labs Inc., creators of the Lumosity “brain training” video games. In this project we are investigating whether cognitive training can improve speech perception. We are recruiting older adults (aged 50 and up) with hearing loss to take part in the study. Participants will complete 8 weeks of Lumosity training, and come to the lab before and after so we can measure speech perception and other abilities.

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